Indigo League now available on Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play: Available in four volumes

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Available in four volumes

  • Saturday, June 24, 2017
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The entire 52-episode first season of the Pokémon anime, called Pokémon: Indigo League, is now available on the digital distribution platforms Amazon Video, iTunes, and Google Play. The season is available in four volumes of 13 episodes each. On June 1 this year, these episodes were available on Amazon Video for less than a day, before quickly being made unavailable for purchase.

On iTunes, they are available in both standard and high definition. On Amazon Video, they are only available in high definition. Google Play does not state whether the episodes are standard or high definition.

Each of the four volumes cost US$19.99 in standard definition and US$21.99 in high definition, for a total of US$79.96 for the entire season in standard definition and US$87.96 for the entire season in high definition. (Due to the way Amazon Video is configured, the volumes are incorrectly described as seasons.) Episodes can be purchased individually for US$1.99 in standard definition and US$2.99 each in high definition.

Note that this release uses standard seasons (as seen on Poké and in Australian home video releases), rather than Viz Media seasons (which corresponds to opening themes and are used in North American home video releases), so it does not contain the entire Indigo League arc.

Previously, only six non-consecutive episodes from the season had been released on these services, under the banner “Pokémon: The Journey Begins”.


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